$5 BTBB/Cash FX Team

Bless to be Blessed

People Helping People

A Crowd Funding Opportunity in which People Help People by donating to others so they can help to pay their bill, rent, mortgages, buy a car, move. Whatever they may need the money for.

Crowdfunding where the”crowd” funds a project, (made legal by Pres. Obama in 2012). We are crowdfunding for the purpose of paying our bills. Paying Person To Person.

BTBB is an easy opportunity to earn while you are helping others.

How To Join BTBB

​There are three levels in which you may join BTBB. Level 1 for $5, Level 2 for $10 or Level 3 for $25. By joining the higher level will help you to earn much quicker, but perfectly all right to pay what you can and work your way up.

​Once you have joined BTBB you will recruit 3 people who will pay you $5 each and you will then use $10 to upgrade to level 2. Each person who joins will do the same.

​                              ( follow the simple comp plan )

BTBB comp plan 2.png

As you see the first section of this opportunity is for building your team. Everyone who joins under you will follow you through the entire opportunity. Making it easy for everyone to earn.

​When joining at Level 1 you would only need to find 2 people in order to upgrade to level 2 this would be $10 the third person needed to fill that level can be found later and that $5 would be yours to keep. When you finish level 3 in Phase 1, You are now ready to earn the BIG MONEY!

Completing it just as you did and with the same people that followed you into Phase 1. When Phase 2 is completed you will have earned $750. You can use $50 of that to restart Phase 2 and start earning $700 again and again. 

How Do I Get Paid

​Each person is paid,  person to person. I would suggest PayPal or Cash App as they are the most used. Just ask your sponsor what would be best. Also, make sure it is easy for others to follow you. FB and Google pay are another good way. 

​How Long Does It Take To Make Money

​How soon you make money is up to you. The more you promote and bring people into the chat the faster you will move.

​This is a team effort. When you have you 3 does not mean you stop promoting. anyone you bring in after your 3 will be placed where they are needed..( Don’t worry you still benefit from them as they move up the line ).

​You will be given Posters and videos to use for promotion upon joining our team.

​So If you’re ready, Let’s get you started!

Send an email to la.assem@gmail.com to start immediately.


Many   Blesssings,

The   BTBB   Team

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