Fast and Easy Ways to Get Paid Online in 2023

Best Work From Home Jobs that paid recurring income

The idea of working from home and being well paid is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of technology, more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work remotely and make a good living.

Working from home can be incredibly rewarding. You have the freedom to set your own hours, work on projects that interest you, and take breaks when you need them. Plus, you don’t have to worry about commuting or dealing with office politics.

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But how do you make sure that you’re getting paid well for your work? Here are some tips for making sure that you get the most out of your remote job:

1. Know Your Worth: Before accepting any job offer, make sure that you know what your skills are worth in the current market. Research salaries for similar positions in your area so that you can negotiate a fair wage.

2. Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate for a higher salary or better benefits if they’re offered. Employers often expect their employees to negotiate and will be more likely to give you what you want if they know that you’re serious about getting it.

3. Ask For Bonuses: If your employer is willing to pay bonuses, ask for them! Bonuses can be a great way to increase your income without having to take on additional work or hours.

4. Track Your Time: Make sure that you track how much time it takes you to complete each task so that you can accurately bill for your services. This will help ensure that you get paid fairly for the work that you do.

5. Invest In Yourself: Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to ensure long-term success as a remote worker. Take classes or workshops related to your field so that you can stay up-to-date on industry trends and increase your value as an employee.

By following these tips, working from home can be an incredibly rewarding experience with great financial rewards as well!

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1. Become a Travel Consultant

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: up to a few hours to set up your own website or create a profile on trip consultant platforms, if you already have travel experience
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: varies on a case-by-case basis

Since the tourism industry is surging, there is a higher demand for travel consultants.

Travel consultants curate the ideal travel experience for individuals and businesses. This job is fantastic for well-traveled individuals or locals who love sharing the best spots in town to make money online.

The average base salary for a travel consultant is around $70,000/year in the United States. The job’s benefits include remote working, a flexible schedule, and opportunities to travel.

Start your career by getting familiar with popular travel management software tools. Additionally, consider taking tourism, hospitality, or foreign language courses to improve your competency.

Promote your services on your own website. Take inspiration from consultants like Wanderlust Travel Consultants and TravelBoecker Adventures. Alternatively, sign up as a travel consultant or trip designer on platforms like Reco.

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2. Sell Advertising Space

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few minutes, if you already have a working website
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: every month, every week, 30 days after putting in a request or reaching the minimum payout threshold – varies across sites

Selling digital advertising space is one of the most common ways to monetize a website and earn passive income. Since advertising revenue is measured based on clicks or user impressions, the more interactions you get, the more money you’ll make.

Advertisers consider a website’s content category, audience demographics, and user devices before buying a space. So, creating quality content and improving SEO strategies are key.

To sell ad spaces, sign up for an ad network like Google AdSense and embed the ad code on your site. If you run a WordPress website, follow our tutorial on how to add AdSense to WordPress.

However, don’t oversaturate the site with ads and negatively affect user experience. Instead, use a heatmap software tool to determine the best ad placement locations for optimal conversions.

Here are other advertising networks you can sign up for:

  • Adcash. Use an anti-block feature to bypass users’ ad blockers and obtain higher earnings.
  • PropellerAds. Supports multiple ad formats, including interstitials and push notifications.
  • Media.netGet access to the search demand from the Yahoo! Bing Network for keyword-targeted ads.
  • Carbon. A great option for technology and design-based ads.

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3. Join an Affiliate Program

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few days to sign up and get approved if you already have an established platform
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: once or twice a month, 30-60 days after the end of the month – varies between sites

Joining an affiliate marketing program is another excellent way to make money online.

Earn a commission as an affiliate by promoting products, services, or businesses on your platform. You’ll get a percentage of the profit when someone clicks on an affiliate link and completes a purchase.

Bloggers can make hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. The exact earnings will depend on the number of affiliate programs they’re a part of and the blog’s readership size.

Make sure to join affiliate marketing programs that are suitable for your niche. For instance, if you have a blog dedicated to websites and technology, consider becoming a Hostinger affiliate.

Here are some of the most profitable affiliate programs to make money from:

  • Amazon Associates. One of the biggest affiliate networks offering up to 20% commission rates.
  • BeRush. An excellent option for content marketers as this program offers a $200 flat commission rate for every Semrush sale.
  • CJ Affiliate. A popular choice for affiliates with established platforms who wish to work with large and reputable brands.
  • eBay Partner Network. A good starting point for all affiliate niches and levels, with commission rates ranging from 1-4%.
  • Tripadvisor Affiliate Program. Perfect for affiliates within the travel industry. It offers publishers at least 50% of the commission received from its hotel booking partners.
  • GetResponse Affiliate Programs. A platform offering one-time and recurring commissions for affiliates in the marketing niche.

Like any other business model, affiliate marketing requires trial and error. Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing are choosing the wrong niche, producing poor-quality content, and ignoring website performance.

If you are a business owner who wants to start an affiliate marketing program easily, consider using AffiliateWP.

The AffiliateWP WordPress plugin has handy features for affiliate management, such as an admin dashboard, real-time reporting, an integrated payouts service, and customizable emails.

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4. Start Email Marketing Campaigns

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few days to a few weeks to build the email list and create the campaigns if you already have a website
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: more to generate leads and encourage sales conversions rather than a source of direct income

The number of email users is projected to surpass 4.5 billion in 2025. Therefore, email marketing will remain powerful for generating leads and turning audiences into customers.

The key to executing a successful email marketing campaign is to build a quality email list. If you have your own website, add a pop-up email list registration form with a personalized call-to-action button on the landing page.

Other methods to encourage email subscriptions are discounts, free shipping, giveaways, and pop-up surveys. The goal is to cultivate anticipation for your email updates.

The next step is to formulate and send email newsletters. Platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact can help manage email campaigns. They offer tools to track sales, engagement, and audience growth.

If your website runs on WordPress, try installing a newsletter plugin for better email automation and a more straightforward email-building process. Lastly, conduct regular WordPress A/B testing to determine the most effective email strategies.

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5. Create a Membership Site

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: up to a few weeks to create the exclusive content and membership tiers
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: varies depending on the chosen payment gateway

Creating a membership website is another excellent way of generating income online on a self-made platform.

Membership sites make money by selling access to exclusive content through subscription plans. With a tiered membership system, you can divide members’ privileges and determine which content they can access.

The subscription system creates a steady revenue stream as members have to renew their plans to maintain access privileges.

If you’re building a brand, a membership site can help foster a potential customer base for upselling.

When creating your own site, find inspiration from various niche membership websites. For example, Mark Manson and Magnetic Memory Method focus on self-improvement. Meanwhile, Smart Blogger offers tips on blogging and content writing.

After finding a niche that suits your interests, start developing the membership website. The easiest way to do this is with WordPress. Many useful membership plugins offer the necessary tools to create plans and accept transactions online.

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6. Create an App

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few weeks to a few months
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: varies on a case-by-case basis

Creating an app is one of the best ways to profit from rapid mobile digitalization. You can make money online by creating paid apps or selling them to other companies. Alternatively, launch a free app and make money via in-app purchases and advertisements.

It is also a great side hustle and an excellent way to hone your coding and web development skills. For those with little to no coding experience, there are many beginner-friendly mobile app builders:

  • Appy Pie. This app builder employs a simple three-step process to help you create an app with a great user experience. The pricing ranges from $16$60/app/month.
  • AppInstitute. An app builder for busy small business owners that makes it easy to create mobile apps without coding knowledge. Pricing ranges from $59-$340/month.
  • Mobincube. An intuitive app builder for launching an app in four easy steps. It offers a free plan in addition to the paid ones. The premium pricing plans range from €35.88-€1,199.88/year.

Don’t forget to conduct market and competitor research before creating your app. Once you’re done, submit your app to the App Store or Google Play Store and await approval. Finally, market your app and monetize it.

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7. Create a Subscription Job Board

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few days to a few months for creating the job board website and promoting it to employers and job seekers
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: varies depending on the chosen payment gateway

With more employers turning to online hiring, job boards have fantastic market potential.

There are two main ways to make money online with a virtual job board. The first is to rent out space for employers to advertise their job listings. The second is to sell access to exclusive job listings to job seekers via a paid membership system.

Popular job board websites like IndeedGlassdoor, and ZipRecruiter charge employers for premium job post placements. Most of these sites base their pricing plans on factors such as posting period, in-depth company information, or reviews.

The easiest way to create this type of website is with a WordPress job board plugin. For example, WP Job Manager offers tools to seamlessly submit and manage job listings.

Additionally, consider installing a membership plugin to restrict access to job postings.

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