Sendshark Review & Bonus

Sendshark Review & Bonus


Hey, today I am going to be doing a full Sendshark Review to try to cover all of the basic and go over everything you will need to know before choosing this as your autoresponder.

Sendshark is the newest and most controversial email autoresponder to hit the market to date.
So Today we will be doing send shark review to see how it fairs up against the many other competitors out there.

What is Sendsharks Price Plans?


First, let’s start with the big thing that makes sendshark stand out from the crowd and that is, of course, the price…

Where most Autoresponder cost around $200+ per month for an email list of 50,000 subscribers Sendshark only charges a measly $25 per month for up to 50,000 subscribers, most people spend more than that on coffee and we all know a poorly optimised email list of 50,000 subscribers should bring in around $50,000 per month (with the average email list making $1 per subscriber per month)


I contacted customer support about the price plan for over 50k subscriber and they said you can buy an additional package of 50,000 subscribers for $24.95 

SendShark.com50,000 subscribers100,000 Subscribers
Price per month$25/month$49.95/month

SendShark Best Autoresponder 2019

Aweber – $149/month for a list of up to 25,000 you have to get a quote for anything over that
GetResponce – $250 to $350 for 50,000 subscribers depending on package
Sendlane– $349 for 50,000 subscribers
InfusionSoft – $304/month for 3 month then $379/month for 50,000 subscriber
MailChmp – $240/month for 50,000 subscriber
Icontact – $239/month  for 35,000 for 50,000+ you need to get a quote

Sandshark $25/month for 50,000 subscriber 

As you can see from the price comparison sendshark offer a whole lot more subscriber for a 10th of the cost…


Why So Cheap?

Sendshark was created by 8 figure and multimillionaire Joel Therien the founder and CEO of Now lifestyle, GVO, pure leverage and now SendShark… He learned the 10th cost model from the founder and former CEO of Godaddy (The domain registrar site) Bob Parsons who took Godaddy to the top of the domain registration space by undercutting his competition by a 10th and keeping high standards.

What Are the Main Features of SendShark?

Sendshark offer high-quality servers with a very high delivery rate if 99%, they can achieve this because the company own and run their own servers, A lead capture System and they are also introducing a Drag and Drop Squeeze page creator, This is ideal for all of the not technical savvy people out there wanting to build their email list and make good money.

If the drag and drop builder was already implemented I would have scored higher on this, but as it stands I will have to lower my score on features and re-evaluate once the drag and drop builder is launched 

Who Uses Send Shark?

Sendshark is used by anyone email marketer that wants to reduce the cost of there email autoresponder by a 10th, it is also used by Joel Therien himself and everyone that in now lifeStyle and GVO, his other company’s.

Is Sendshark Easy to Use?

Sendshark is relatively easy to use, like all autoresponders it has a small learning curve but once you have used it a few time and send out your 1st few emails and broadcasts it becomes second nature.

What Customer Service does SendShark Offer?

Sendsharkoffers the same customer service as they do to there now lifeStyle and GVO customers which is a live chat as well as ticket support via email, The response time is good replying to tickets the same day and they are very helpful and friendly.

I also contacted the live support to ask about the prices and they replied within minutes and answered all 5 questions I had for them, they were very helpful.

Final Thoughts

After using this autoresponder for a short period of time I have come to the conclusion that it is very good for the money, the customer service is top notch

Tho I have not tried the live chat I did submit 2 tickets and they were both answered the same day within a few hours.

At the moment Sendshark works within the new lifestyle website back office which also has a lot of features like the lead capture system and they are currently working on a drag and drop squeeze page creator, once this is released I will have to increase my rating on features, as I think this is a must for autoresponder’s as it can save you both time and money outsourcing a squeeze page builder.

If you have any questions or comment’s just left them below and I will get back you ASAP if you have used this Autoresponder and would like to leave a review just drop it down below 

Thanks for reading 

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Sendshark AutoResponder

Sendshark AutoResponder


  • Very Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support
  • Good Deliver ability
  • Own Dedicated servers


  • Could have more features
  • No Dr